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Tim Crain - ​Judaism, Christianity, Islam: Three Religions But One God

Program Date: November 28, 2018

Tim Crain 01

Moses had a tremendous influence not only on Judaism, but also Christianity and Islam. Jesus of Nazareth was greatly affected by his Jewish life and he set the foundation for a religion that was strikingly similar to Judaism. Moses and Jesus had a remarkable impact on Mohammed, and all three historical figures are featured prominently in the Quran. That which binds these three figures together, as well as their respective religions, are far more significant than the divisions. 

Dr. Tim Crain is the director of Seton Hill University's National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education.  His previous work was with UWM’s Center for Jewish Studies, Celtic Studies, and History Departments. He lectures extensively in the community on a variety of history and conflict topics from the Middle East and Europe. Dr. Crain received his bachelors and master’s degrees from Marquette and his doctorate from Arizona State University.