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Jessica Wunderlich - East Africa Sojourn: South Sudan (Film)

Program Date: November 14, 2018

Jessica Wunderlich 04

Jessica Wunderlich is an up-and-coming visual artist whose evolution from still photography to filmmaking has resulted in a richness of storytelling that reaches far beyond the confines of the camera. Her work meanders through conflict and adventure, beauty and harsh realities, from the Dark Continent of Africa to the moonscapes of high-altitude Peru to the ancient cities of Israel.

South Sudan, the world’s newest country is known for its long history of conflict, famine, and tribal warfare, while its neighbor to the south, Uganda has moved past its own sordid past with grace and open arms, growing into a country of “the friendliest people in the world.” In an area of the globe when the borders of sovereign states and tribal lines are at constant odds, where the juxtaposition of extreme violence and extraordinary compassion is nothing short of arresting one cannot help but be moved by the tangled ballet of opposing forces.